Sense3 is a first-of-its kind system for performance monitoring. Seamlessly integrated into compression shorts, sensors track muscle output of the quads, hamstrings and glutes to deliver comprehensive data in real time. Coaches can now see how hard athletes are working and use the metrics to understand force, fatigue, symmetry and recovery.



Track your your speed, distance, accelerations, jump height along with every cut, stride and stop with Motion1. Quantify your movement indoors and outdoors with accelerometry and GPS so no movement goes undetected.

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STRIVE Research Results



There are an average of 176 hamstring injuries each season in the NFL. Once a player sustains an injury, they are more prone to re injuring the same muscle. Players with hamstring injuries miss an average of 13 days depending on the severity…


Return-to-Play – Internal vs External Load

In order to understand the efficiency of starting players, one team collected baseline measurements of external load and internal load (a measurement of muscle output) at the start of the season. After a few weeks, one player suffered a quadricep injury and needed to recover…


Intensity of Game vs Practice

How can coaches structure their weekly practices to better prepare for a game? One team wanted to replicate drills that produced similar game-time intensity that would allow them to structure their practices to optimize performance…


Association between Fatigue and Game Performance

Tracking metrics like speed, distance and accelerations can reveal patterns in practices and games that allow coaching staff to make adjustments. One team wanted to understand the amount of effort players exerted throughout a week leading up to a game…